An entrepreneur’s mind

What words can describe the stereotypical entrepreneur? Passionate? Will power? Persistent?
Dedicated? Optimistic? Risk taker? Sure do these words sound good for an entrepreneur but what
one really has is “fear”. And it is the most important trait because the people who are scared to
death about failing while building their empire will make sure that every brick is placed at the right
place. They become hyper-focused and hence are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. The
emotion of insecurity is what helps an entrepreneur drive him or her towards his or her business
It is completely okay to not have the right resources or the accurate amount of resources needed to
launch your product or service in the market. This fear will somehow help you to find a way and
figure how to work everything out. Ultimately, this is what an entrepreneur is actually about. It is not
about having enough resources but being resourceful enough with what to have to make everything
happen. Moreover, the places where most people would avoid taking the risk is where successful
entrepreneurs see the potential. If you believe that something will pay off well in the future, invest
in it today! Be optimistic about it and do not let go of a good opportunity. Also, when you are
confronted by problems, while most people will try their best to pass the buck, you must rise to the
occasion. Challenges are what will motivate you to work harder and strengthen your determination
even more.
If you fail, resist the urge to feel sorry for yourself or mope because the next big thing will come
immediately and you have to be prepared for it. It is a popular notion that successful entrepreneurs
are those who fail fast and fail often. You will not always be accepted and will be often rejected for
being different in some way or the other. It is not a bad thing. This is what will motivate you to work
harder. Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you and listen to those ideas that are
not yours. Smart entrepreneurs keep constantly evolving and tweaking their business concepts
according to the market feedback. So, if you fall down, pick yourself up until you get it right. There
will be endless potential challenges wherein the single biggest challenge that the marketplace has is
liquidity. Because without liquidity, there is no marketplace.

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